This site is dedicated to the a breeder that is in so many of our pedigrees and to whom so many have admired and that is Ms.Felicia Luburich of Srigo Rottweilers who has been involved with the breed we so much admire. The name Srigo is pronounced " Sir-eye-go". Ms.Luburich has been involved with dogs since 1948 started with Dobermans until 1959 when she got her first Rottweiler named Riedstadt's Helissend what a beauty to start with. She has made so many champions no one can compare and owner handled !!! And yet has not been recognized by many to me this is outrageous for Felicia is one that gives her heart and soul to our Rottweilers if there was an award to be given to me this is a breeder that has dedicated herself into approving not for the money but for the love no matter where her dogs have gone they are with with her in heart and many have become champions while others dedicated pets in loving homes that where approved by Felicia first.I'm not a puppy owner whom has bought from Ms.Luburich for I deal with a breeder of my own but I dedicate the site to Ms.Luburich for without her I can only imagine what the breed would be like today to this I want to say thank you Ms.Felicia Luburich for helping all of us who own Rottweilers.

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